[Review] S’mores Crispy M&Ms

A few days ago, I came across this post on Instagram:

I may or may not have shrieked at the top of my lungs like a teenage girl at a 5 Seconds of Summer concert.

Then I noticed the post was dated April 1 and I instantly remembered how much I hate April Fool’s Day. I was furious. But after a while, I took a deep breath and moved on. Correction: after inhaling a row of Cinnamon Bun Oreos, I breathed heavily as I sat on the couch and didn’t move for several hours.

Yesterday, our friends over at Junk Banter posted this:

Just when I thought I was being trolled again, I noticed the words of Junk Banter reader Nicole. She’d found the bag of S’mores Crispy M&Ms at Cub Foods, which is a very real grocery store in the very real state of Minnesota. At this point, I knew this wasn’t just a trick–and unless you count the random special edition Vanilla Crisp and Mint Crisp flavors from a few years ago, these are the first flavored line branded as Crispy M&Ms. I had to find them. One minor detail: the one-way drive time to this particular store was 39 minutes. Ugh…the things I do for the person who reads this blog. (Hi, Grandma!)


It’s anyone’s guess how these M&Ms ended up where they did. Cub Foods is a regional grocery chain and has no pull to get an exclusive flavor or early release. What’s more, I went to a couple of other Cub stores around town to see if they also had them–nothing. This is truly as random as it gets. A deep dive on Google revealed this product web page listing “Harvest Blend” S’mores Crispy M&Ms, with an expected release date of July 15 of this year. So, it seems that this flavor will get a nationwide release by mid-summer, likely extending into the fall. Until then, here’s our review!

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

I opened the bag and was instantly hit with an intense aroma. Alright, Mars. Now you’ve got my attention. These M&Ms actually smell like s’mores! Hints of sweetness, honey scents, and a strong chocolate smell sailing over it all. The texture of this candy is phenomenal. The airy crispness of the M&M center really adds to that sensation of biting into graham crackers.


There is a pretty good flavor balance in these M&Ms. There’s a burst of honey right from the first bite which completes the graham cracker experience. That honey taste builds throughout, which, combined with the crispy center, really made it feel as though I was eating a miniature s’more. The milk chocolate layer works well, too. The flavor is rich without being too strong.

I picked up on some sweetness here and there, which provides a nice marshmallow flavor. The chocolate layer has a somewhat creamy feeling, which added to the marshmallow aspect. While the marshmallow flavor was pretty good, it seemed to fade more quickly than the others. The lingering taste after eating a few (handfuls) of these M&Ms is more on the honey side.

In what was no doubt one of the weirdest things I’ve done in a while, I cut one of the M&Ms in half and nibbled at it to determine where the flavors were located. I was able to get a taste of just the crispy part, and sure enough, it tasted like plain crisped rice. It seems as though the graham and marshmallow flavors are contained in the chocolate layer.

If you grab a random handful of these M&Ms, there’s a noticeable size difference between pieces. Some are much larger than others, and some contain very little crispy filling or none at all. This threw off the M&Ms a bit for me, as some pieces would really provide the full flavor and texture, while others came up short.

All in all, I really enjoyed S’mores Crispy M&Ms, and I’m holding out hope that they’re a permanent flavor. Assuming you get a normal-sized piece, there’s a pretty good balance of the three main flavors, and the texture of the crisped rice absolutely nails it. For those of you who can’t get to that random Cub Foods store in Minnesota, these are definitely worth the wait.

Again, special thanks to Junk Banter (read their review here!) and Nicole for tipping me off to this product.

Item: S’mores Crispy M&Ms
Price and Place of Purchase: $3.99 at Cub Foods
Size: 8 oz. package
Nutrition Facts (serving size-1.5 oz or 1/3 cup): 200 calories, 7 grams of fat, 4.5 grams of saturated fat, 5 milligrams of cholesterol, 65 milligrams of sodium, 31 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 25 grams of sugar, 2 grams of protein.
In a Nutshell: Good balance of flavors and incredible texture, which provides an awesome s’mores candy experience. Pieces suffer from varying sizes and inconsistency in crispy centers. These M&Ms definitely aren’t fake, and neither is Cub Foods. The journey to find junk food gets really lonely sometimes.
Overall Score: 9 out of 10

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  1. Hey Ben! Which Cub Foods did you find these at? Not sure I can wait so I might get them if it’s close!

  2. Just found these at the Cub Foods in Roseville so we picked some up to try. Ben is right in that the main flavor here is the toasted honey taste that is both the first and last thing you’re left with when eating these. I can’t stop eating them so this is a win in my book.

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