[News] Little Debbie Zebra Collection

If you follow Snack Cellar on Snapchat, this won’t exactly be news to you. Little Debbie is rolling out a new line of Zebra snacks to complement its popular Zebra Cakes.


The new snacks include Zebra Brownies, Zebra Cake Rolls, and Zebra Plus Nutty Bars. They appear to incorporate the zebra print-style coating into Little Debbie’s existing snacks. Here’s how Little Debbie describes each new snack:

  • Zebra Cake Rolls: “Delicious yellow cake,  rolled with a creme filling covered in white icing and topped off with fudge Zebra stripes.”
  • Zebra Nutty Bars: “Crunchy wafer bars with layers of peanut butter, covered in white vanilla coating and a fudge Zebra striping.”
  • Zebra Brownies: “Chewy brownies with white icing and trimmed with a fudge stripe Zebra pattern.”

Will you be trying the new Zebra line of snacks? Should Snack Cellar? Let us know in the comments!

(Photo: Little Debbie)

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  1. Great question! I’ve added in Little Debbie’s product descriptions above. It seems like the Nutty Bars and Brownies may actually taste different because they use vanilla/white icing instead of the usual chocolate.

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