[Review] Nabisco Limited Edition Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos

After going on a hardcore cereal bender last week, I think I should do something different. I’m looking for a change. I need to…spice things up a bit.

Oh, dammit.

Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos are out now for Valentine’s Day! The packaging shows a bunch of red cinnamon candies in the shape of a cute little heart, so you’re supposed to believe that these Oreos are innocent and romantic. But given the fact that Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos feature the absurd combination of cinnamon candy flavored creme and a chocolate cookie, I’m starting to think someone at Nabisco has some real sadistic tendencies.

The cinnamon candy flavored creme, of course, is intended to taste like Red Hots or Atomic Fireballs. I’m certain nobody asked for Atomic Fireball Oreos, but at this point, we should probably just be glad they don’t taste like Fireball whiskey. It’s also worth noting that I haven’t eaten Oreos with a creme this blazing red since Swedish Fish Oreos…so that’s definitely a good sign.

Opening the resealable flap of Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos is kind of a bizarre sensory experience. The red creme is very loud, with all the subtlety of a frosting version of Kevin Hart. But then, a pleasant cinnamon scent emerges. As R. Kelly once crooned, my eyes are tellin’ me no, but my nose, my noooose is tellin’ me yes…

I don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little Hot & Spice…

Nabisco actually did a pretty good job with this cinnamon candy flavored creme. The “spicy” aspect is subtle, but it’s there. I don’t know that it quite rises to the heat level of a Red Hot or Atomic Fireball candy, but for an Oreo creme interpretation, it’s not bad.

What is bad is the combination of the cinnamon candy flavored creme and the chocolate cookie. The creme clashes with the bitter chocolate cookie, and it’s a rather unpleasant experience. Even worse, the aftertaste truly did start to remind me of Fireball Whiskey after a few minutes. Blech.

At this point, I don’t know whether to applaud Nabisco for trying or beg them to stop. On the one hand, the cinnamon candy flavored creme is actually an impressive representation of hot cinnamon candy. But on the other hand, it doesn’t make for a very good Oreo. If you’re trying to decide what to buy your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, I’d steer clear of Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos.

…Unless you and your sweetheart have some real sadistic tendencies. Then go right ahead.

How Much It Cost and Where I Bought It: $2.99 at Target
Just the (Nutrition) Facts:

Serving size—2 cookies

140 calories, 7 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, 85 milligrams of sodium, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 13 grams of total sugars (includes 13 grams added sugars), less than 1 gram of protein.
In a Nutshell: Cinnamon candy flavored creme is actually an impressive Oreo interpretation of hot cinnamon candy. Adding the bitter chocolate cookies creates a Fireball Whiskey aftertaste. Nabisco’s got some freaky deeky tendencies.
Overall Score: 5 out of 10
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