Come in, sit down. Have an Oreo. Welcome to the Snack Cellar. It’s kind of like a wine cellar…but for snacks.

Snack Cellar is a blog about junk food, fast food, cereal, ice cream, and everything in between. It was born from one man’s undying love for two things: food, and hunting down the newest grocery items. Snack Cellar contains reviews, news, and other content about the snack and junk food industry for your enjoyment.

It may not always be elegant (hey, it’s hard to type when your fingertips are covered in cheddar cheese dust), but it will always be classy. Thanks for reading Snack Cellar: a classy place for not-so-classy food.

If you’d like to contact Snack Cellar, send an email to snackcellarblog@gmail.com!

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